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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

SusQuatch/ SusWatch Loading Apps

No more wasting time and resources while waiting for loading stuff! Use seconds to save the world!

SusQuatch & SusWatch Apps
Connected applications designed for different market groups: families with young children and adults. Internet is needed!
The concept is while you are waiting for your computer/ mobile/ tablet/ laptop to start, it gives a text or image as a remainder (eg if you turned off the other lights in other places in the house), hints for less money spent and how, youtube video links of people with eco friendly & money saving habits, etc.
The approach in both apps is different, while the SusQuatch is a very interactive app in terms of games, and being funny and silly for kids to save the world (and parent tips for a money/ world saving). A family os Sasquatches is created according to age & number of members in the family and you can personalize and "feed" your sasquatch in a sustainable way. SusWatch is more focus on delivering content and important facts to adults to make spend less resources (TED talks, repair stuff quickly, reutilize resources, electricity savings, etc.).
You can personalize your topics and content, and with time thanks to a Info Box after the loading. This Info Box will be structured in a way that you give and acquire info to and from the user. The acquired info will go straight to the server where it is processed so next time other or the same thing appears again. While the given info is for the user to learn more about the subject. You are able to personalize your profile, according to content and topics of interest.
A global, national and local community will create their posts, and there will be daily competitions where the winners (with more votes by posts on twitter and facebook), get their message throughout the world. Video & Photo competitions will be looked as well.
We also for mobiles, we designed an app when you haven't unlock your phone, this message will show up. In SusQuatch you can activate your persona (since kids work in parents computers most of times) by SusQuatch sounds and it is only open by you! Also we will use GPS to see if you are in work, home, garden, cafe, and it will give you tips how to make your surroundings more sustainable and more active in terms of citizenship.

Wasting time while waiting to stuff to come up, no more! Use SusQuatch/ SusWatch!

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Toon SusJam
Sugata Mitra (in a very weird bizarre way)
Developer of the prototype - Tiago Silva

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Creative Commons Licence