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INSPIRAL - How big is your hunger?

Reduce the amount of wasted food in buffet restaurants

15% of food that customers put on their plate in buffet restaurants ends in the trash can. This is not only unsustainable behavior but also creates direct and indirect costs for restaurant owners (e.g. disposal, space, purchase).
INSPIRAL's project "How big is your hunger?" addresses the source of the problem by implementing four solutions that stimulate customer's change of behavior and by breaking the self-enforcing circle of food waste. Those solutions meet the customer along the restaurant visit:
Entry: complete list of dishes on the buffet help the customer to choose the food in anticipation
Choice: plates with provocative symbols and questions stimulate critical thinking about the amount of food a customer will take
Reward: if the customer does not leave left-overs, he/she receives 15% discount and more points than usual for the fidelity program
Return: the fidelity program will bring the customer back with a new consciousness to choose the amount of food on the plate.
The impact will decrease organic wastes and costs while increasing revenues and customer's sustainability awareness.

Credits and attribution: 

Madalena 80 Team
Restaurant General, Rua Original, Vila Madalena, São Paulo, Brazil

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Creative Commons Licence