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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Transition Mood

Helping to change our relationship with objects. Step 1. "The most absurd item purchased without reason."

Challenge: How can we help society to have a transition to a new paradigm?

Our civilization is experiencing a time of transition to a new paradigm ... Sustainability. Our mission as a group of individuals who love our planet, is to facilitate this shift on thinking and action, through the fight against excessive consumerism. Our project comes from the civil society to empower people like you and me against the market that is flooded with nonsense products. We divided our mission into three stages: STOP!, OPENED EYES :D, DOING NOT TALKING.

STOP! : No more absurd objects! If you have an absurd object tell us about this and join us in this effort to stop the purchase of absurd objects. This is the first step of the initiative, activating the society through social networks, inviting them to share with all the most absurd objects around their lives. A fun campaign to help reflect on what all of us bought (for us or as a gift), without sense. We already opened a fb page as an active prototype of this first stage:

OPENED EYES: As a second stage we have some solutions in order to improve our relationship with objects. In the same fb page we are going to share different ongoing projects that are also worried to stop consumerism, and also organize society to create groups for: Sharing objects in special centers for renting; Exchange markets; And special events for responsible disposal of those objets that definitely are absurd for anybody.

DOING NOT TALKING: Reflect about your actions and share your new mood with your friends. Our initiative in the third stage will lounge and App to help you to select new objects that are sustainable in social, economical and environmental way as well as to determine if they are going a be truly useful in your life. You need to be constant about this new point of view!

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