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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

SusWatch Product Sustainability Website

Encouraging product sustainability & corporate transparency through competition, statistics and user feedback

The concept of this website is to provide a platform to encourage product sustainability through competition. The designs produced during the Jam centre around smartphone shopping, but the website could easily encompass any and all products.

The sustainability of a product is calculated using data from industry reports and sources such as the Ethical Consumer.

User content is also included, such as repair guides, product reliability and suggested uses for packaging. The website would initially be moderated by its creators, and in the future by trusted users selected using a Stack Overflow style points system.

The site also includes a price comparison facility and review scores from external sources (in the style of Metacritic) to encourage users who perhaps don’t have sustainability as a major concern.

The website could be funded through linking to product retailers, parts retailers, repair services and review websites.
Ideas for the future include a way for consumers to suggest potential design and process improvements for the manufacturers to be used in future versions of the product. These suggestions can be rewarded with Nectar style points or money off vouchers for highly successful ideas.

The included PDF mockups were done using the Balsamiq Mockups free web demo at -
The raw XML code for each mockup is included, to allow modification of the designs.

Created during the Toon SusJam by Oliver Reynolds -

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