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Nothing Else Mattress

Mattress reincarnation! The affordability and sustainability of 2nd hand with the freshness and safety of new!

"Nothing Else Mattress" aims to make spring mattresses a more sustainable product in a circular service system of delivery, retrieving, renewal and recycling.
What do you do when your mattress need an update? Not so keen on using a mattress with a unknown past? Mattresses are expensive, durable and are costly to get rid of. Yet we tend to change mattress quite often and millions of mattresses gets thrown out in the streets and are piled up in landfills every year.
This service will produce spring mattresses tailored for easy removal and renewal of the top layer that is worn by people, so that the springs and construction can be reused and the mattress gets back in the circle to do it's duty once more. When the mattress needs an update "Nothing Else Mattress" will pick it up and provide you with a fresh mattress.
Any materials to worn or misused to reuse will be recycled or used as material for insulating Council houses and homeless shelters. This way they can help more people sleep better at night.

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