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Smart KinderGarden

linking 3 generations for a sustainable life #GSusJam #Hannover #sjh2013 #sustainable

The Smart KinderGarden

For: Kids and retired people in a district
Who has as a kid the need to grow up becoming a sustainable acting adult and as a retired person the need to engage socially with the community and share experience and knowledge.

Concept Name: The Smart KinderGarden is an social and sustainable educational service

that: enables kids to become social and sustainable thinking and acting adults by linking 3 generations.

Unlike: existing kindergartens,

the community around the Smart KinderGarden is acting a tribe by
sharing the knowledge and experience with the older generation, e.g. for gardening, growing of vegetables, cooking sustainable food, linking with farmers / gardens in the region, learning to make and repair textiles, working with wood... Smart KinderGardens are connected around the globe.

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