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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Let the children teach how to create a sustainable world

Learn from the children, let them inspire you and impact you, they have the key to global sustainability

we believe that magic solutions come from magic minds. So we think that children have the key to a sustainable world and also they are the ones who are forming their personality, starting to have their own values and they have the imagination and creativity that can come up with the original and unique solutions that adults can´t even imagine.
Our project is based on educate children in a belief in the commons, and a sustainable world. Once they are concious about some problems, we want them to brainstorm and find out a possible solution. Then they will have to develop this solution during one school year.
As part of the project, they need to impact a mínimum of 100 adults.
In this way, they learn, they create and they teach us.
By living unforgetable experiences they will experience the emotions that will lead them to be concern members of our society and the future that we all need.
We want to involucrate children from different schools, and créate a social platform in the internet where they can upload their progress as well as the ideas and progress of other children, and get inspired by others.

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