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In-Joy Factory

App to encourage using sustainable products and services by creating a reward system

"In-Joy Factory" is an app created to encourage the use of sustainable products, services and joining "green events" all around the world.

We have find out that many people spend so much time working, so they barely have time to thinkg about how they can help the world to be a better place.

"In-Joy Factory" has been designed to offer information about sustainable products, services and events. This is linked to some other concepts:
- Creation of a companies network that offer sustainable products/services
- Creation of a reward system: when you get the app, you belong to the "In-JoY Club".. so this way when you go to a "green event", buy in a shop that belongs to the companies network, or do something sustaible suggested by the app, you get points as a reward. As much points you getyou are helping the the world a better place.

Credits and attribution: 

Marta Rios Piza, Maria Lopez Tomás, Paula Fischer, Ana Recio Hernandey, Jaime Yus Vidal, Ana Arnal Argon

CC Licence: 
Creative Commons Licence