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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit



Business based on sharing economy. Sustanaible (economically and socially) ecologic vegetable patch. We have three pilars, which fullfill the modern conception of PLANET, PEOPLE AND PROFIT.
1. PLANET: These are our business model´s roots: Think global and local. Local suppliers, production and distribution = we are trying to downsize the CO2 footprint. Our urban farming proyect brings back to life the concrete cementeries generated by the spanish housing boom.
2. PEOPLE: Helping and contributing the wealthfare system by providing a fair retirement for those unemployed close to retirement age. We also want to spread green values to youngsters by offereing inhouse education..
3. PROFIT: Direct sell of our products - B2C Model. Economic+Social+Viable=SUSTANAIBLE. By identifying a new market niche, we engage new consumer grups by litening to the local stakeholders demands. Based on the need of radical food transparency drived us to re-invent the current retail standards, transfornming the shop into a live harvesting. We also cover the need of product communication by creating a new standard of eco-quality under local council certification which also serves as a powerful sales argument.

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Surfing Tomatoes.

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