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T.P.S portable space for the City Jungle

Finding ways to manifest and expand our sensibility of the environment in the sleepless city life can be challenging. The never ending production of trash that ends up in the stomach of fauna, the rush and stress among the citizens, and the unsustainable practices that enrol in the city are all aspects that inspire our project. Su', meaning "nest" in japanese and "up" in italian, is a personal multifunctional hammock plus backpack design to create and give the user all the benefits that a regular hammock has but with the facility to carry it and use it in any city space that the user can imagine. The hammock has the possibility to adapt in three ways: with two hanging points, with one hanging point, or on the floor. Therefore having the possibility of making a pause in a busy day, transform the backpack, and chill in the hammock, is an attractive way to confront the city with a diverse face. Su' is all build with a textile created from the old ships and boats cords which aren't useful anymore and most of the the time end up harming the ocean habitat mostly the curios seals, turtles or birds which eat or get stuck in the cords. The product's ecological intervention is not only expressed in the natural vintage look of the cord textile, but also in the project's concept and image on how to affront city life incorporating nature's peace and serenity.

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