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Livebalance - AB3

You are willing to donor organ´s, blood - you should get something back in your Livetime

In Germany we had a big scandal about organ donation and transplantations. Insofar many people wont spend anymore, wont sign up for the programm. The goverment is thinking about restrictive action. But there are big concerns about it and it is not all about missing transparancy. Also there are many questions: - why do we need so many organs? why should i do this? why should i spend my liver to drug-dependent person or a person with a unhealthy livestyle? But what is, when i ´ll need a new heart or liver because my live was so stressful?

With our idea, we try to approach a solution of it: The User is thinking about to become a organ donor. Our service provides the user during the phase of orientation and decision with very good information (web, app, customer service telefon, events). In the next step, when the user applied and is a member of the service, the service supports the user in finding more livebalance. The service provides places where there can do green gardening, take a rest, dooing something creative and productive. Sustainablity,ecological approaches are the core idea of theses places. So the user can find to a more satisfied, happier livestyle. This will safe the health of the user. In the case of the donation, the service provides mental support for relatives.

Target Group: people 35+
Requirement: Finding to a healty, sustainable livestyle. See´s the necessity of organ donor, but want´s also something back: thankfulness, guarantee to be not a depot and relatives get support after donation.
Name: Livebalance AB3
Service: NGO
Benefit: Member´s getting support for healty, sustainable livestyle.

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