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control the expiration date of food, medicine and other products you have at home

Objective: To avoid buying unnecessary products, save resources and money.

ZEN MARKET (app) will help you optimize, economize, reduce unnecessary consumption of resources and assist in household planning. In ZEN MARKET you create a shopping list, registers products using barcode, product expiration and location where the product is stored (home, beach house, office...). You can edit expiration date proximity alerts, where you can check out the products already used or discard them if they are improper for consumption.
With expiration date proximity alerts you have the option to donate the products to people or entities that will use immediately.
There is also the option to generate historical reports of expired products during a period range, amount of products purchased and unused (still good for use but is not required to buy). Assist you to don't buy unneeded products, thus avoiding waste.
The ZEN MARKET also serve to remedies, preventing buy excess and improper disposal of drugs impairs the environment contaminating water and soil.

Footnote: One-third of food produced worldwide is wasted, while more than 840 million people go hungry. The amount of food produced is enough to feed 2 billion people. (Source:

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Danil Cruz, Elayne Rabello, Gustavo Rabello, Edilene Santos, Bianca Faraj, Alvaro Gonçalves de Almeida, Thiago Santos, Danilo Cruz, May Rabello, Pedro Caraca