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A Book 3

A Never Ending Game

A never-ending game.
A Book 3 is a smart-book-in-a-kit that allows Grandpas and Grandmas to play with their grandchildren while assembling, reading and interacting with extra-multimedia content.

The book is delivered in cardboard sheets to be cut, folded and stitched together.
Using stencil character sheets and eco-friendly ink, your own “creative team” will have to insert the text on the pages.

The book aims to raise awareness on sustainability and environmental issues by telling stories, and by asking Grandpa or Grandma to recount their youth in a environment-related fashion. The kids, on the other hand, will tell how they see the issues in their current everyday life.

Answers will be written in the book pages and, here is the smart-book part: you will be able to place your smartphone in the dedicated slot (yes, inside the book!) and it will automatically connect with the right page, proposing extra content and interaction.

For instance, Grandpa and the grandchild’s answers can be voice-recorded and stored, forever, in the Cloud.

This smart gaming book is made to last forever and ever, to be carried with you, containing lessons learned on sustainability and above all the joy of having discovered these things together with your Grandpa and or your Grandma. Click “play” and listen to your own voices!