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AB3 Generation

Our kids start a better world

"How can we help the child to be an environmental transforming agent?" Through a partnership between recyclers, particular and public schools, in which the students of the particulars take their home recycling trash to the schools. The trash are then sold to the recyclers and the fundings get are then reversed in scholarship to public students. By doing this, the particular students take part in a kind of club, getting a plenty of benefits. On the other hand, the public students take part in projects to transform the recycling material in order to be sold in an annual event called 'fest fera'. In this event, the public and particulars get together and celebrate it by showing their musical or sporting talent.

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Camila Leite Bastos
Tiago Mendonça
Luciana Kimi
Patrícia Rebello
Rafael Kamura
Suelen Juma