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Room To Grow

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Room To Grow is a community based venture which aims to tackle serious issues such as food scarcity, food quality and the price of fresh produce. We will achieve this by creating an green intervention within the community, initially with a grow garden which establishes the beginnings of a fruit and veg stock pile to supply our next community intervention...The Food Hub. This is the town market remodelled in a contemporary and eco friendly fashion. This space acts like a distribution centre where local people interested in eating healthier and growing their own food can purchase one of our Grow Box kits for a small fee. These kits vary in produce type and growing technique with the intention to increase the general public's knowledge and skill of "home agriculture". The consumers are encouraged to donate any produce that they may not need/use back to the Food Hub so that less fortunate families that would traditionally rely on food banks in order to sustain themselves. The hope would be that this will create self sustaining cyclic systems which provide healthy fresh produce to consumers at a fraction of the cost and also help to improve the lifestyles and health of impoverished families.

Credits and attribution: 

Mary Hollingan