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Water Fall

A concept that will make people aware of the cycle of water in nature.

Our chosen sub-themes from the main AB3 theme were mathematics, science, rhythm and cycles. The next day after brainstorming we went out onto the streets and asked people about what they think they waste and what they value. The majority of people said that they think they waste water, but none of them that they valued it. We think that this might be due to the fact that water is abundant in Scotland and it is not metered (people pay a fixed sum for it a year as part of the council tax). From this we decided that we should highlight the fact that, although abundant, is a valuable resource.

Our concept is inspired by the baobab tree, which is known for its efficiency in storing water. It's a giant public sculpture that captures rain water and filters it into drinkable water. It captures it through the lily-pad shaped "leaves" on the top. The filtering system inside uses resources found in nature, like rocks and sand. The sculpture itself will be transparent so the public can see the whole process. It would also have a brass ribbon embossed with the cycle of water in nature. People would be able to access the drinking water from a pump at the bottom of the sculpture. We hope that it will trigger conversations within the community about water and how much energy it takes for it to make it from nature to a household tap.

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