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A Bag M Uses

Awareness rising plastic bag collecting/delivering machine

Despite of the fact that we all try to carry our own bag to the supermarket, sometimes you have to go the supermarket unexpectedly and realize you are not carrying your reusable bag with you. Suddenly you find yourself obblied to purchase one of the plastic bags available at the counter that ends up inside that kitchen cabinet where you keep all the plastic bags you have been accumulating during ages.

The problem is that despite of the fact you don't want to throw them away, one day the cabinet is full of them and you cannot get rid of them. This machine will help consumers to reuse all those plastic bags they have been keeping for ages. The machine will collect plastic bags already used, store them and deliver plastic bags for those who need them.

The machine has a screen displaying a natural landscape full of plastic bags. Plastic bags will disappear or appear from that landscape depending on the rate of plastic bags reused by consumers in that supermarket every day. Showing the positive/negative impact of consumer behaviour on the environment.