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The goods of the countryside in the middle of your university

Let’s make farmers to sell more, students to pay less for higher quality products, forming intrust between parties, developing the knowledge about the origin of the food among the consumers.
Help young people to build a better, sustainable, new way of consuming quality products, support the local economy, reduce the distribution chain and impact on the environment that transportation of goods has.

Farmers in Norway are willing to sell more of their production, but they lack in the distribution and selling channels, which make them to rely on bigger corporates and distributors, not able to form their price.
Students are generally trying to save as much as possible on daily expenses, and many times are going for cheaper, lower quality, non biological food, which has the benefit to cost less. In most of cases, this low cost is a result of bad production and transportation habits, which contribute to a degradation of the global environment.

BrainFood wants to makes these two parties to meet and to accomplish common goals (selling more, pay less, eat better, have positive impact on the environment), with happiness by both sides.
The initiative will benefit of communication strategy (dedicated website, mobile applications, social networks) on the techniques used by farmers to grow their food, the best practices on how to employ them by consumers (recipes, seedings, alternative uses).

Farmers will sell their products within universities areas in dedicated selling points, run by students, who in exchange will receive free food, or credits for their effort.
Customers will be other students of the university, who will be informed by their friends on the benefits of buying the goods, addressed to the information platform, receiving trust.

Trust your food provider, trust the food you eat, have a positive impact on the environment, shape others mind.