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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Do more with your cup of coffee #beagoodbean

This project aims to encourage the public to use and discover local, independent and sustainably sourced coffee shops in Leeds. To do this our project will supply chosen coffee shops with mugs we have designed that have a QR code, our logo and slogan. The QR code takes the person who has come across the mug to a website that maps out and other cafes in Leeds that have these cups.

A long term outlook would be to expand into other cities and into other shops and bars, for example bars that serve locally brewed beers. The website will have a suggestions box for the public to suggest other cafes in the area. We would like our funding to come from the cafes that we are providing with cups and the green fund at leeds university. The cafes would not need to fund the project long term, it is a start up fund to cover the cost of creating the mugs. The mugs will possibly be made by a local ceramics company and painted with our design by artists from the Leeds college of art. The network that this project creates is beneficial to those cafes that do not have an online presence i.e Pickards Cafe in Woodhouse, Leeds.

Submission files: 
Credits and attribution: 

Video- Mark Ball.
Actor in video and logo designer- Enrico Luparello
Special Thanks to mentors who helped the team through problems and brainstorming ideas.