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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Sharapy - Sharing and Repairing

A real space to give new life to your old stuff and make new friends nearby.

Sharapy is a completely different second hand store concept. People can bring in their working or just slightly broken stuff and either repair them and sell them or meet a repairman who has the necessary skills to fix the item. The revenue is shared based on who does what: part of the price goes to the person who brought in the item, part to the person who repairs it and a final part of Sharapy for the service of selling the item and connecting the people involved.
The project keeps in mind the three dimensions of sustainability. On the economic side, people can earn a bit of money for their old items and skills, while the shop itself is self-sustainable through the selling fees and does not rely on investors or bank loans. The community concept is met by putting people into contact and giving them a space for discussing and sharing their passion. Finally, on the ecological side, the shop is giving new life to old products; thus, the products are not just thrown away and there is no need for production of new stuff.
A number of alternatives are available for the long term. One idea was to open a pilot store and then sell the concept for franchising around the world. The scope of the Sharapy store could also be expanded, perhaps through hosting workshops held by the people with specific skills or through renting working space for handymen and artists.

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