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Strange, but it makes sense/ Mix and replace

Nowadays there are too many objects that are thrown away, because one part of that object it's broken and to fix it, it's too expensive. :(
What if there is a platform that can help you use your object longer?
Our concept want to prevent and teach people to not create waist, by giving them resources to repair and give longer life to their products. How it works? The user has to subscribe on the platform and at the beginning has to choose if he is a user that has a problem, a designer or a company. The subscriber has the possibility to be more than one type of user. After this, on the platform the subscriber can browse and post a picture or a question related to his problem and the other users can replay to him by giving him solutions.
This concept from a social point of view can create communities of people, local and world-wide that can help each other. From a economical point of view the aim of this concept is to make the repair of the products more accessible. And finally, but not lastly from a sustainable point of view will help the environment by creating less waist.