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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Help the Elders to find people who need their experience. Help the Elders to feel more productive...

As people become old due to their reducing physical capabilities, retirement, and getting detached from their prior positions in life, every day they feel much lonelier. Little by little, some of the elders start to keep distance from social life and become depressed. One cannot ignore the role of society in between, as it has over and over been witnessed that the society prohibits elders from participating in social tasks.
Honoré de Balzac, a French novelist and playwright, once said, "Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell that solitude is fine." this is our passion to design a system which can helps people to find that “someone” to make Solitude further fine for the Elder.

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