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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Archive: Projects 2012

Introduction of an interactive and user-experience event to raise sustainable awareness within the community!
Urban element to connect youth to memorials of Elderly
FdB is a two folded project: GLOCAL SOCIAL JAM to rise awareness FORNO DO BAIRRO to empower local communities
We create this for test.
Extend your heartbeat with MatBeat! Oslo Family Food Capital of the World!
Experience share and make sustainable system for local economic
Design good experiences to the homeless changing the shelters
Plataforma para catalogar problemas, mobilizar pessoas e co criar soluções para um mundo real.
Recycle, make your neighbourhood beat!
Living in urban centers makes people colder, with hearts of stone. How do these hearts beat stronger again?
Digital interactive stations which helps creating a dialogue between the individual and his surroounding
Network of interactive buildings to create and arise awareness of the envirnoment
Make a mission everyday for the world
places for relaxing, social and ecological learning in our city (capsules to encourage better citizens)
Young people need to have the most up to date electronic models to feel more connected with their social circl
Hibernation is a platform aimed at promoting inactivity as part of a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.
Sensing the City (and it's citizens) Beat
Food Beat is an App delivering information on which food to buy. personalized, localized and transparent
heart beats stabilizer
Increasing awareness of moving for young(healthy/injured)&older(injured/sick/healthy).
Raise investment on sustainable strategies through a free app that makes a quick diagnostic on company waste
Plataforma para catalogar problemas, mobilizar pessoas e co criar soluções para um mundo real.
Be charming. Let's create a better world :) visit and join us!
combining the advantages of modern e-readers with the familiar feel of traditional paper books.
Follow sustainability actions of others and find out what sustainability action you can do around you.
Crowdsourcing for sustainable art
Do express your emotion to the beat to the beat to the beat!!! Free up and download sound micropage.
app for mobile phone to generate energy
the retrofitting of existent council bins to collect data and provide a positive feedback about waste reductii
Lootoo is a place where children shock the natural cycle and back it to the life.
Mind vs. Heart
Visualising energy savings in the heart of the city.
Nurture university/local community relations through growing,cooking,eating sustainably.
Help people to discover and maintain positive daily habits, the cool ones
Giving self steam back for homeless through fashion!
Espaço público para revitalização da vida.
BumBum Fashion is a web that aims to transform the way we produce and consume fashion.
Trade your trash for fun (:
From consciousness to action....Inspiring people, and make them move forward
She is speaking. Mother earth needs me. Join a team. Play in the earth. Share and compare in an open platform
Mission Everyday will make people happy.
Clean Clothes and Healthy Body - All In One!
Do GOOD - GET SOME? Tracking sustainable behavior and rewarding it to create a GREEN CULTURE.
A company-owned platform, which enables employer and employes to get along in a nice and easy way
let's get together and feel alright :)
Resgate de feiras orgânicas e homeopáticas da região. | Rescue of homeopathic and organic fair in the region.
How can we build trust & make hearts beat for a sustainable everyday?
Unnecessary product disposal and consumption countered with one simple idea.
Opportunity for every citizen to listen to the heartbeat of a city.
Transforming the underground into a new social experience instead of a simple transit place
Balance your life, manage your time, dance with your heartbeats.
Espaço público para revitalização da vida.
Changing water consumption behaviours by creating awareness
Waste for some, solutions for all
Create a pause in a hurry life
lack of sharing & understanding through emotional & physical interaction
Overall rating of environmental and economic mpact of a good or product
Hearts that beat at once can save the World.
The festival promotes sustainability and the electricity is generated by visitors.
Service that helps to make a megapolis more citizen-oriented.
A box that goes around the world with positive messages.
take individual sustainable action pledge to create the harmonious ((heart))beats in Delhi
Mobile system that helps with finding and geolocating items, based on RFID chips.
Soluções comuns para problemas criativos
Donate A Habit, Save A Life
heart beats of local inhabitants, externalized by loud speakers, spread over a neighborhood
How to break boundaries that stop us from helping other people in life threatening situations.
A system that joins local SMBs & citizens in designing & developing sostenible products & services
support reusing of paper for artistic, office and everyday work
How to educate sustainability opinion leaders?
Small actions can trigger a big global change
How might we enable sustainable lifestyle in urban cities through awareness, love and connection ?
Catalyst for responsible consumer behaviors
Small actions can trigger a big global change
Light from a billion heart beats
AORTA - Gaining sustainability and consumer heartbeats by transparent production
Play the game - make it real
Best time means SZZ
Help one-parent familes with children to meet similar people to enjoy activities together.
#f2s learn to fail, teach to fail, dare to fail, enjoy failing... don´t panic, JUST FAIL!
My heart beats stronger when I take off your heart and put on mine
interactive badge to funny meetings
Heart beat running shirt
We <heart> to jam and want to make the jam in Berlin a fun weekend.
Trade your trash for fun! (:
Has the snooze button been on for too long?
Capturing the pulse of a City
Gaming to Eco-educate & Make Real Change
empowering local sustainable micro economies.
Vital Beats if Earth: Oceans, Rivers and Cities
Initiative for sustaining the dying traditional arts and crafts
A place were community leaders can find tools and methods to increase the engagement whitin the community.
A crowdsourcing platform to engage London communities in cultivating local tourism, fostering societal change.
What if people can move a train? Kinetic energy from turnstile can be transformed into electricity!
Green Park for a local community
"This city has a heartbeat." Connecting local music scenes with incentives to recycle and restore pride.
A community for kids (and their families) with cancer
Meet your buddy beat
Greening the city
A platform for experiencing the echoes of meaningful places through generations
mood radio: get balanced
Small actions can trigger a big global change
greencell - crowd-solving sustainability problems
Collaboration plattform to share inspiring stories and knowledge how to solve problems and improve the life
a network of natural streets in the heart of the city
Farm Surfing Network
Improved Barclays Bike redistribution network system leading to a wireless payment system
Rede afetiva de troca de experiências inspiradoras, que gerem felicidades
Nature calls - Experience the pulse of nature
Imagina a Papá Noel, no en trineo sino en camión. Imagine Santa Claus, without a sledge but with a truck.
re-sync with society's heartbeat
Payback service for Organic products
Prolonging life-time of our products.
We are building a community around bread culture - to support people to feel healthy and to act sustainably
Change your World - step by step
China's peer-to-peer library
Network of local services
Using your energy to help yourself and the society.
We bring the light and colours to our life on daily basis, to "charge" people with positive energy and beat
when you are happy with your friends, earth will be happy , too…
Somewhere we can leave/pick-up goods when we travel
Batendo conforme a música
Musica para el mal rollo
Getting children used to the idea of recycling in a very fun and interactive way, from a very young age.
How can we help people who use public areas together to build a relationship to each other to make a change?
Bamboo Solutions' Barn - A collab platform for social capital integration of the bamboo productive ecosystem
By children and parents working together they will discover the importance of living sustainably.
Give sustainability education to professors to communities around industries
Videomaking to enhance cultural value of a comunity.
stick to the carrot
Unabhängiger Einkaufsscanner am Einkaufswagen. Liefert Infos zur Herkunft, Herstellung, Inhalt usw.
Open source sustainable business knowledge & case study sharing platform
We don't need to wait to smile, but we can smile while we are waiting.
sustainable based parish
A tool to co-create a unique wedding for free-thinking socially conscious people who want to make a difference
collaboration, deconstruction, emotion, creativity in motion
application to provide first aid to heart attack victims
Turn ugly food into beautiful dishes
Cardume is a platform which connects people with low cost courses and meetings.
A network of street events to heart back into neighbourhoods + foster lasting community connections
Prolonging life-time of products - rebeat to infinity...
Transporte coletivo de propulsão humana sobre espelhos d'água urbanos
A simple and fun way to reuse the heat from your cooking and turn it into a light experience. paying for teaching along with healthcare al
Renewing dreams of 'young seniors' through social relations as to promote a sustainable living.
A Service to Give Any Product A Longer Life and a Better End By Giving Sustainability Awareness to Its Users.
Reuse festival trash as merchandise
meal sharing experience using what's in your fridge connecting time-poor urbanites in local communities
How is your heart doing today?
Education for the first beat..
Social network for neighbours to build an empathy to each other, help esch other solve daily problems
We are the backbone of the Berlin jam. We cook, blog, film and help out.
Connecting neighbors
Magical experiences to overcome the fears stopping your dreams
Institution focused on changing ecological customs by creating global impacts throught sustainability values.
A service supplying suggestions for acts leading to venting emotions.
Making sharing stuff and skills as easy as sharing photos - via a mobile app
Can an urban farm become the heart of a community?
sustainability education system made by students
A website to guide people on a journey to a sustainable future.
Motivating individual sustainable actions through pledges and providing a forum for sharing
A to-do list App with "playlist" format. Prompts sustainable actions. Tasks achieved presented as sound clips.
Wildlings: Connecting children with earth through fun and action.EARTH IS DYING. FREE ME!! TOGETHER STRONG!
Encouraging good attitudes to make people's hearts prouder!
adding value to the paper take-away cup
We want buildings to turn off their lights at night, so Londoners can enjoy a clear starry sky.
Transform individual values in collective by sharing ideas, stories and experiences in a shared notebook.
Making people use local produced products and in the same time develop their own Urban Gardens
Acknowledge people for the good things they do! A random thank you to a stranger.
An user-friendly powerful database to help cities make itself more enjoy ful to live.
creative tourism project for experiencing the heartbeat of a destination through music.
Socio Environmental engagement model that make employees In collective transformation agents in parks
Go by bike and stay clean.
mission starts on your doorstep
Imagina a Papá Noel, no en trineo sino en camión.
A food package sold without the full content to share a meal with people in need instead of giving money
"The Knowledge - Moving Minds" is a learning platform provided on Sydney’s public transport for commuters.
Don't spill the water of a fountain, you'll break its heart. Use in a proper way and avoid the heart attack.
The coolest carbage truck driver of all ages
How can we help people who use public areas together to build a relationship to each other to make a change?
Random chances in your daily life!
Heartbeat fashion educates in a playful way about sustainable usage of clothes and shoes
A pad capable of measuring the frequency of heartbeats and evaluates heart healthy.
We belive: Every thing is alive until it's useable for another member
Sync Residents-Neighborhood-Municipality to improve well-being
Socio Environmental engagement model that make employees In collective transformation agents in parks
To make electrical energy available when your devices are on life support
An action and a platform to prove there is life beyond purchase
Imagina a Papá Noel, no en trineo sino en camión.
A service which provides you with different opportunities to upgrade your skills and improve your CV.
Solving the tragedy of the commons by promoting connection and play in public places
Is an app where all people can have virtual fridge by paying a small monthly fee.
Skills for stays
Stranded Wisdom - Share in the wisdom of others.
Connecting strangers via ((GOOD)) DEEDS for a bigger goal - helping Social Associations via sponsorships
Connecting Organic Farmers with the Consumers
#Aorta -gaining sustainability and consumer heartbeats by transparent production
Heart beats instead of hours and minutes...
A Not-a-PC for elderly people.
Propose a new learning and sharing process dinamic through co-creation of workshops and events.
Social technology that installs sustainability at hostels through reduced spending, collaborative development
Promoting the local ingredients for drinks in a SLOW'Drink week...
Putting a new beat in the hearts of the addicted.
Small actions can trigger big change
Changing the structure of money and, therefore, changing the world ....
Helping your family grow
Neighborhood Eco Challenge: Help your neighborhood to win a prize by doing eco-friendly activities!
Bottled Water Scambusters
Creating a personal connection to sustainable projects through action learning.
A platform to high school students discover what makes their heart beat!
How can we engage people effectively with sustainability through love or fear?
Make your emotional life as sustainable as possbile
Imagine getting new experiences in exchange for a little time.
Helping to keep the heart of the city beating
Let´s all invest our heartbeats in saving the world
Foco na eficiência coleta de resíduos eletroeletrônicos para atender a logística reversa junto as indústrias
Sustainable, social and simple school game to develop sustainability awareness.
Explore the cities heartbeat. A new way to experience city-life thorugh it's streets.
helping to link consumption with consequence through gamification
Revitalising the heart of the heart of the nation
intergenerational exchange plataform to add value to everyone's life while fighting elderly people's problems
Help those entering the green indudtry creat a plan to get to their dream job.
A network for local communities to support a sustainable lifestyle through sharing real-life experiences.
Shake your butt. Be(at) together
Repair the community disconnection caused by individualism leading to over consumerism
travel coworking
A collaborative pulse to connect generational skills, thoughts and values.
Join people to create the beat of the town
A urine-separating toilet that doesn't need the user to sit down
Foco na eficiência da coleta de resíduos eletroeletrônicos para atender a logística reversa junto à indústria
Application which enables you to build your own virtual garden and get real vegetables on your door step.
A handwrist giving a voice to speech impaired people
An evaluation app that should help people to travel with a lower environmental impact and with more awareness
What if you can generate power from your heart beat?|
Connecting you to the pulse of the places you live
Small actions can trigger a big global change
Make Food MoreThan Food, Dont Waste it!