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Sustainable Seasonal Eating

Making people use local produced products and in the same time develop their own Urban Gardens


It can be hard to have an overview of how much resources is used on the food the you buy.

There are increased green house gas emissions due to shipping of food over long distances.

Getting an overview of what to buy when going to the grocery and what to cook can be hard and also figure out what to have for dinner and have a variety of dinners.

This idea called Rootz, will give you a way to incorporate sustainability into your daily shopping through meal planning with a focus on local and seasonal products. Local production of vegetables following the season consumes fewer resources than producing food out of season.

Fresh vegetables in season make the food more tasty and healthy and online video will guide you through the cooking process.

The objective of Roots is to help creating more sustainable eating habits and reduce food waste, through inspirational recipes and integrated delivery solutions.

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