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A handwrist giving a voice to speech impaired people

Speakup gives speech impaired people a voice.
It is a device that captures the motions of hands and fingers of a person speaking sign language, and translates those into any spoken language.
The voice signal is wirelessly transferred to a mobile speaker or phone, thus enabling speech impaired persons to communicate more easily face-to-face, or do phone calls.
Speakup consists of two wristbands, a mobile speaker and the motion recognition and translation software.

What does Speakup have to do with (heart)beats or sustainability?
Heartbeats are both sound and motion signals that communicate emotions, that connect people. Wristbands can measure not only your heartbeat, but also your hand motions.
Speakup connects people. It contributes to the inclusion of socially marginalized and disabled people and therefore to social cohesion. In that sense, it makes the world more socially sustainable.

An idea by The Accidents.

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The Accidents
Chaochao Chen, Thuy Chinh Duong, Omar Fakhry, Jasmin Fayad, Nada Genena and Gabriele Henschel.
Many thanks to Service Design Berlin and all their supporters for letting the Jam 2012 happen in Berlin.

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