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Recycling is Growing

Getting children used to the idea of recycling in a very fun and interactive way, from a very young age.

The main idea is to change the mind-set of children about recycling. Right now kids are not interested in handling trash correctly, but by learning about it through their parents and through interactive trashcans the mind-set can be changed.
Recycling is sustainable because, by recycling the use of fossil fuels are reduced. Furthermore the idea of changing kids’ mind-set is also sustainable in a social way. Kids are the future and therefor the heartbeat of the earth. The context of the product can be adapted to so many different places. Our focus is at a playground and after some years it can also be placed in kindergartens, schools and even streets.
The key aspect of this concept is that it targets kids at a very young age, which develop the recycling behaviour early on through these interactive trashcans. This is vital, as these kids are the future and the most sustainable thing doable is proper education and making sure the next generation has the proper mind-set.

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