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Pulse Of Parish ((POP))

sustainable based parish

In old days, cooperation in everyday life events among neighbors in a parish was a regular pattern in Iran. Our parents say it was happy times.
As I can say, nowadays a normal life is more about time, privacy and individuality. In this way we are more isolated day by day. Social activities have lost their values. We are becoming self occupiers now. We are becoming more selfish now. More lonely.
And the worst thing here is that it’s not all about us as individuals. It’s about the whole society. It’s about world. Cities. Parishes.
In ((POP)) project, we decided to take action about this case. We are planning to introduce a sustainable based parish that values the interaction and cooperation among its residences. We want to bring back the life to our parishes. We want to the heart of our parishes beat again :) To reach that aim, we should define our views first. Here are some of them:
• Back to our valuable roots: Focusing on traditional Iranian culture on neighbourhood hospitality.
• Strengthening the value of caring for each other: Put more value on dependency and intimacy among neighbours
• Due to decrease of purchasing power: Reward V.S Activity processes.
• Regarding to the nowadays distrust issues among people in underdeveloped countries: Developing a trust based system.
• Due to decrease isolation among people in Iran closed society: Put an accent on reliability among neighbours.
• Strengthening the value of caring for natural resources: Sharing resources in a local community.

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