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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


Videomaking to enhance cultural value of a comunity.

At the last Rio +20 conference, in the beginnning of this year, while 'white men' were talking about sustaintability and it's 3 spheres[enviromental, social and econommic], the guarani indians, asked for the obvious: to insert "culture" between these spheres, and to treat it in a sustaintable way from now on.

Thinking this way, the team focused on this brand-new sphere to explore sustaintability.

An endangered culture needs people who believe in the essential value of things, habbits, practices, crafts and artistic expressions of a local community, ie, what really makes their heart beats.

The tools are provided to help propagate the values ​​of communities and their cultures.

The project works kind of like a social movement, that would [hopefully] touch some people's hearts around the globe that feel the same struggle about some culture of his/her community that is desapearing, and want to do something simple about it.

Those would be the facilitators, which, with the help of a tutorial previously provided, would show to the rest of the world and to the community itself their true value, and encourage them not to be forgotten.

All videos would be uploaded on the same vimeo or youtube channel and with the help of social media (twitter, facebook), or even with a single website, we would spread the movement and the message.

We think it works better if someone from the community itself show their own point of view of their culture and traditions, instead of a group of outsiders 'invading' it and trying to take information about them. No matter how good your intentions are, we realized with this experience that it takes time to get close enough to some people, to make them open their hearts, so it is probably better if someone that is already known or close to the community reality that do it.

It is a simple way to propague and show to the world some precious and essential details of some cultures that are being smashed by the global mass culture, and focus it on only one digital platform, as it is on the 'endangered languages database' [] that concentrates all the languages that are in danger of extinction.

don't let the local cultures die.
Make it Pulse.

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