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Donate A Habit, Save A Life

This is an extention of the blood donation service from the German Red Cross. Instead of donating blood, people (non-activists) can donate unsustainable habits. The service is aimed to create a trigger for awareness about sustainability, not necessarily changing habit at once.

For example, Torsten, the family father sees a poster informing about the service. The slogan sais "Donate a habit, save a life". As he joins the event he goes to three steps: (1) Welcoming, (2) info angel (who gives facts about e.g. the consequences of meat consumption), and (3) sustainability lab, where he can experience alternative behavious (cooking and consuming classical alternatives to meat).

Next time as Torsten is at the supermarket, he will be reminded of the alternative option which he experienced at the station ("Maybe tofu today?").

For more please watch our coming up video!

The Oops! team

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