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The New Life

Putting a new beat in the hearts of the addicted.

The main idea is: “Cleaning the society with the help of the addicted themselves”.
This idea started from the time that we saw poor lowlife slum addicts in the streets and we thought that we could solve this big destructive problem with our idea.
This idea involves helping to a addicted person to come out from addiction and get good profits from them and we reach to that with making the addicted people quit the drugs and hire them to a governmental works. This idea causes not only encouraging them, but also not being addicted anymore. We know that this idea causes paying a lot of money to them and is also difficult, but it is profitable from some aspects specially social and economical. We also got that in order to encouraging addicted people to not be addicted again, we could get him some motivation that involves increasing their salaries and giving some other extra benefits by introducing other addicts.
Our target is to change the “Dead ((HEART))BEATS” to the alive new ones!
Hopes to have some kinds of these ideas in all the societies!!!

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