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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

((Move)) beat

Increasing awareness of moving for young(healthy/injured)&older(injured/sick/healthy).

The service connects healthy and active individuals (or groups what is even better) and/with unmotivated people in a sustainable way. You can download an app on your phone (usually for young-sters), where you as an active individual (walking, running, skiing, ...) can connect with others - unmotivated individuals (patients in the hospital, or people in retirement home who are already signed up (simple platform and easy to use - they can make notes about their activities on their own, because for example nurses and doctors usually don't have time to walk with them) and want to have a short walk, or some other activity. Activity with older/unmotivated/at the moment passive individuals brings you a lot of benefits; points, badges (3 grandma badges brings you some benefits during your stay in hospital or for example "priority line at your next doctor appointment" or diploma badge brings you good grade at school). That kind of activity keeps you healthy and in a good physical and mental shape. You can share your activity through social media or other social networks.


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