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Lootoo is a place where children shock the natural cycle and back it to the life.

We know, awareness is the first step for changing the world and a child can play an important role in this process.

Our slogan is learning by Doing. So, we try to design a special place for children to find new friends, have great experiences and learn paper isn’t garbage. This place called Lootoo:

Lootoo is simple maze, where children age of 3-7 can go there and play games. There are some workshops in Lootoo maze which children must pass to finish the maze.
For example they will paint in a used paper (a paper that printed on one side) then they give their painting to the operator. The operator will give them a pencil which made by their painting. In the other workshop they will make some handicraft by unusable papers then they can sell their handicrafts and earn money! Lootoo can be placed in Tehran’s park and cities that have a large percent paper in their garbage.
In this project you can see 2 kinds of heart beat, one nature’s heart beat (natural cycle) and the other children’s heart beat(emotions),lootoo is a place where children shock the nature and back it to the life.

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