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Liebe Dein Brot / Love your bread

We are building a community around bread culture - to support people to feel healthy and to act sustainably

Liebe Dein Brot / Love your Bread


We are building a community around bread culture - to support people to feel healthy and to act sustainably
The idea and our thought process leading to it:
We started off with the idea to “date your food” - to build an emotional relationship between people and the food they eat. The reasoning behind this is that we observed that many people (in western societies) don’t eat very consciously, and thus don’t eat very sustainably: they don’t think about what they eat, end up eating fast food and cheap low quality food. Raising the personal value of food can act against this and have a positive impact on the individual as well as the environment: people who care about what they eat will find out that they should eat more vegetables, organic meat, etc.
How to raise the value of food?
In our field research with experts on organic cooking classes and food retail, as well as sports, we found out that people start eating more consciously when they make the experience that they feel good after eating good food. So what they need is someone who shows them what good food is and what you can do to get it.
Further, we learned that if you cook by yourself, you start to build an emotional connection with the ingredients. People start to care where the ingredients come from, they start to think about the food production chain and processes, they start to think and act sustainably by shopping more conciously.
A third insight in our field research was that even more emotions are involved when you share your self prepared meals with other people. That is why we decided to build a community of bread and spreads loving individuals that share their passion about good food and food culture.
Because food is such a big and wide field, and because almost everyone in germany eats bread and there are so many different breads and creative spreads, we focused the community around bread culture and rituals.
On you will find different bread rituals e.g. “The HouseBread” – bake a bread for the people living in your house when you move in or “The LoveBread” bake a read for your loved one, write a poem and put it insight the bread. You will find HowTo-Videos, Community features and lots of background information about how you can act more sustainable in an ecological, social and economical way. You will find information about the most sustainable and tasty breadlovers in your area. You will be able to buy breads-mixtures and spreads in a bread exchange market from professional dealers as well as from amateurs.

“Love is the bread for your soul”
Long live the bread

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The Global Fusion Cooks proudly present their project "Liebe Dein Brot"

Peter Schreck
Christine Weinreich
Felix Coelln

We thank the minds & makers team and betahaus Köln for hosting the Global Sustainibility Jam in Cologne for the first time. You guys rock!

Special Thanks go also to our field research interviewees:

Bio-Gourmet Club (
Hulc Bio-Food (
Anke (aka the yoga teacher from Neptunbad fitness club -


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