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LET (( it )) BEAT

Renewing dreams of 'young seniors' through social relations as to promote a sustainable living.

Renewing dreams "experienced youth" through social contacts for the formation of sustainable lives.

Company: LET ((IT)) BEAT

Project: Human Sustainability

Renewable Dreams
Renewing dreams "experienced youth" through social contacts for the formation of sustainable lives.

(((About Us - facilitator
We are a Brazilian company with a focus on sustainability and human services with physical headquarters in the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais. We serve two types of users: "young experienced", ie people over 60 who have retired, and the community represented by schools and public hospitals and NGOs.
The company's proposal is to create a preparatory course and seeking motivational and emotional renewal of our professional user, serving not only their life expectancies, such as broadening their horizons and renewing their dreams. Everything to meet a need also to coming community institutions.
The sources of income of the project comes through incentive funds, and private donations. ))))

The design is inspired by the 12 steps of the Hero's Journey, forming it into a future sower of dreams.
Institutions registering to describing your needs.

The company records the information, assembles its database.

Get out the money for an institution (private, public, 3rd sector) for a given location.

[STEP 1] Ordinary World - The hero's normal world before the story begins.
Let A ((it)) Beat seeks people who fit the profile of the institution's needs.

[STEP 2] The Call of Adventure - A problem presents itself to the hero: a challenge or adventure.
Our users will be convidandos to attend an event that will guide you how to help you meet the institution.

[STEP 3] reticence Hero or Refusal of the Call - The hero refuses or is slow to accept the challenge or adventure, usually because you are afraid
To motivate them to participate they will be asked to make a trip to the course. HEART BEAT

[STEP 4] Meeting with the Supernatural Aid or Mentor - The hero meets a mentor who does accept the call and informs and trains for his adventure.
By accepting the invitation will undergo a mentor who will explain more about the course. Here comes the catch! In fact it will not only have a course where will be guided on how to help the institution and society, as will undergo a motivational training, rescuing their dormant dreams and understand that it is never too late to go in search of them.

[STEP 5] Crossing the First Gate - The hero leaves the ordinary world and into the world special or magical.
He makes the trip and arrives in the course.

[STEP 6] Trials, allies and enemies or The Belly of the Whale - The hero faces tests, meets allies and enemies faces, so learn the rules of the Special World.

In the course he has the first contact with the institution that needs their services and know which addressed the need for it. Knowing the problem it through an activity called "Allies and Enemies" will find ways on how to combat the problem of the institution.

[STEP 7] Approach - The hero has successes during the trials
Moment of discovery of the solution. How it will solve, with their professional experience and life, the problems of the institution. HEART BEAT

[STEP 8] Ordeal difficult or traumatic - The biggest crisis of adventure, of life and death.
Travel time to work the motivational and balance. Regatando dreams. Leaving the comfort zone. Show that he can still go after your dreams asleep.

[STEP 9] Reward - The hero has faced death, overlaps with his fear and now earns a reward (the elixir).
End of course. It comes with all luggage and learning expectations for a new stage of his life;
[STEP 10] The Way Back - The hero must return to the ordinary world.
Returning to his home and live with society.

[STEP 11] Resurrection Hero - another test where the hero faces death, and must use everything learned.
Contact the institution.

[STEP 12] Return with the Elixir - The hero returns home with the "elixir", and uses it to help everyone in the ordinary world.

The consequences of the project. 3 paths.
1 - Help those in need
2 - Search of Dreams
3 - Mentor of new courses.

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Ana Carolina Goulart, Arnaldo Galhardo, Breno Ottoni, Diego Castro, Renan Castro, Ricardo Alexandre Cunha and Vanessa Guilger.

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