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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


intergenerational exchange plataform to add value to everyone's life while fighting elderly people's problems

Sharing is caring

Sharing knowledge, experience and values between the younger people and the older in a global platform is our major goal with this project.

Social sustainability is what we want to keep, we belive that, nowadays, our society is promoting the isolation of the elderly, not being able to take all their knowledge of life. Moreover, we believe that today's children are growing up without contact with emotionally and culturally enriching life experiences.
Create a meaning, a tribute, and a possibility of contact between generations encouraging young and old in an exchange of life stories and, thereby, create a new look round our world.
We set off for adventure and prepared a visual showcase of our product - a promotional video - that will serve as a presentation to our partners in this project: schools, seniores universities, city council and social security institutes. These partners will be one of the means used to promote and publicize the service along with our social networks and Web site.
This site pretends to be a place where everyone with a “story to tell” can share vídeos, photos or letters that inspire and motivate contact between generation. In this place, we also want to offer a space for the communication of activities that promote contact between generations. The evaluation of this initiative will be determined by the number of likes, shares and feedback of our users, collected at our site.
In terms of financial sustainability of the project at an early stage we seek to get it from of our partners. Later, we would seek for sponsorships and organize activities, to our target audience, charging by their inscriptions.

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Jaime Mendes
Alexandre Mendes
António Baldaia

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