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Let´s all invest our heartbeats in saving the world

How it works:

1. If you buy any product from a network of companies that support the project as part of their corporate social responsibility program, you collect heartbeats. This heartbeats are saved in a heartbeat's savings account.

2. Later you can log into your account in the heartbeats project website, view your heartbeats balance statement, and select from a list of projects that have the potential to save the world. You can decide which project to invest your heartbeats in. You can support more than one project at a time if you want. You will also be able to follow the status of your projects in the heartbeats project website and receive notifications in your facebook profile, inviting other people you know to participate in the project and letting them know which projects your are supporting.

3. All the heartbeats' savings accounts are managed by an international entity. So you can collect heartbeats anywhere in the world where the project is supported and also invest your heartbeats wherever you want. The heartbeats and the projects have an expiration date, so if your heartbeats are not used during this period of time, all your heartbeats go to a common fund which later supports the most promising projects, so nothing is wasted.

4. For the companies that support the project, every purchase you make represents a small investment. For you, heartbeats represent the power to invest in projects that have the potential to save the world. Supporting the project adds value to a company's brand, and it also gives the consumers a chance to be part of a movement that contributes to make life sustainability possible, with very little effort and from any part of the world.


Your heart beats about 115,200 times a day. Have you ever wondered how many of this heartbeats are wasted living negatively? We are living in a complex world and we face many problems everyday, so everybody need a purpose in order to endure life's challenges. What would happen if you can invest your heartbeats in something positive? What would happen if you could save this heartbeats, which would give you the power to contribute to make saving the world possible? Wouldn't that make you feel special and happy? About 1,500 million people own at least one credit card around the world. Imagine they could save $0.01 with each purchase they made. With just one purchase from all the creditcard owners around the world, we could save $150,000.00 to invest in sustainability projects and all contribute to save the world. How many purchases do you imagine are being made every minute?

Submission files: 
Team photo: 
Credits and attribution: 

Omar Crespo - Photo and music
Paul Crespo - Photo and edition
Ximena Gutierrez and Christopher Toledo - Video edition
Gloria Escobar - Edition

TEAM - Design and Conceptualization

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