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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit


The festival promotes sustainability and the electricity is generated by visitors.

The „Greenival“ is a sustainable festival, where the visitors generate the needed electricity by them selfs.
To get to the site the people can use busses or carpools that get better parking spots.
During the concerts the visitors generate electricity by dancing on special plates on the floor or ride on bikes.
There is a catering that serves fresh food that is grown and produced with biological standards and the dishes and cutlery is washable and reusable.
Also by using the toilets the visitors generate electricity with small hydro stations.
In a survival camp, the visitors learn lots of thing about nature and living of the land without destroying it.
The whole festival is biological and sustainable, but still provides the same fun that visitors have at conventional festivals.

Our Point of View:

How could we use the popularity of festivals to make these more sustainable?

Our Persona:

Julia, 23
working in a kindergarten

likes reggae music, riding bikes, sports, going to festivals, is vegetarian

she is nice, friendly, interested

- she hates the garbage that is produced at festivals
- she wants the following generation to live in a better world
- she lives in a biological and sustainable way

Team photo: 


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