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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

fail 2 success #f2s

#f2s learn to fail, teach to fail, dare to fail, enjoy failing... don´t panic, JUST FAIL!

A society in crisis, with people losing their jobs, homes, dreams... is not sustainable at all.

We can't leave people out of society like this.

That's why the purpose of this project is to achieve a real change incorporating an keeping everyone in a sustainable society.

Due to the social interest of this project we would like to get the funding through social crowdfunding.

The economical resources will be allocated to the actions that we propose in our Manifesto, the design and implementation of the online platform and rewarding the coach's labor.

These help groups are the true heart of our initiative. We would like people to be empowered by the strength of the group. In these process, the coach professional counselling and guidance are fundamental.

These group will help people to keep sustainable their aware inner growth process.

Our Manifesto:

Fail to success!

Because everybody fails, we want to tell you about the FAILURE VALUE and its potential, raise ourselves into a new one.

Do you dare to success?

The f2s Team

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