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Energy Point

What if people can move a train? Kinetic energy from turnstile can be transformed into electricity!

Energy Point is an integrated system able to transform kinetic energy into electric energy in order to power public transportation. This theoretical Pilot is applied and prototyped within the urban underground stations.

The Energy Point System aims at generating energy by deploying the natural flow of people entering the underground passing thorough turnstiles.
A possible evolution of this project is to use gaming strategies to involve actively people in producing energy.

Energy Point moves from a simple idea (just think about bicycles!!) :
With the help of a dynamo moved by a turbine, kinetic energy generated by the turnstiles can be :
a. Captured
B. Transformed
C Use it as electric energy to power public transportatin.

WHO: Everybody!! basically people using the underground. We don' t demand them to change behaviour, but rather we try to Take advantage of natural pattern/ fluxes

WHEN: Everytime of the day

1. Everytime a person pass by the turnstyle, kinetic energy will be produced and transformed into 4 W.
1 turn= 4 W
2. The energy is accumulated in order to power the underground station ( public transport/ light of the bilduing)
3. The total energy accumulated is displayed in real time on a screen and counted by an Energy Meter

WHAT:The methodology relies on reward techniques, such as the use of a travel cards that let people the chance to accumulate "energy points" and have one ticket for free.

Card System
A. People can use their travel card as an Energy Point Card
B. The card is therefore personal and stores Energy Points ( EP's)
C. 1 Energy Point is gained by generating 4 W. 1 Energy Point (EP) is accumulated by each travel.
D. The Energy produced is recorded by a Data Control Unit
E. The control Unit is linked to a server which collects the data from each turnstile and assigns the Energy Points to each personal Card.
F. Those EP accumulated can be used within the underground system. Rewards are established:
E.g. 100 EP's =1 underground ticket free
G. It is possible to donate credits/tickets to other people
H. The person can control every time his points thorough a platform or in situ through a card reader.

We get inspired by:

> A didatical project which uses energy produced by bicycle to power the school
> Technology that converts movement of people into usable energy
> Renewable energy harvested by the footstep
> Shoes generating energies!

Energy Point put in virtual cyrcle energy!

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Daniel Sher. Desginer
Federica Pesce. Philosopher


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