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Donos do Pedaço ( " kings of the hill ")

Socio Environmental engagement model that make employees In collective transformation agents in parks

Socio environmental engagement and development model in public parks, making the employees agents responsible for collective transformation around them. The agents will Be responsible for caring and promoting the Sustainability of the park through several activities linked to their respective areas. Because each area has a team In order To care for it. This initiative will Be possible by the sponsoring of important brands. They are going To contribute with social and economic capital: Investments In their respective areas ( or spaces) like infraestructure, materials, training and a contribution To a collective fund.
The benefits regarding the main agents are: empowering, self confidence, engagement and growing professional skills. Regarding sponsors are: branding (Sustainable and ecological brands) and Brand Communication.
It' s a Sustainable model overall which Improves the services offered in the park as well as the infraestructure. Useis are going To improve their Experiences Also.

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