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Improved Barclays Bike redistribution network system leading to a wireless payment system

Our overall aim is to increase the number people cycling within London. We identified the Barclays Bike scheme as a key 'player' in this and so focused our efforts on improving the scheme.

When looking at how to increase the number of cyclists using Barclays Bikes, two major issues with access to them were identified. Firstly, the time taken to get the bikes out and, secondly, the redistribution of bikes to ensure that there are enough bikes and spaces throughout the day.

Our idea is to tackle the second issue by using the unemployed and students to redistribute bikes from stations with too many bikes to those with too few with a reward for doing so - be it financial or a 'points' system.

In order to facilitate this, an APP requires to be developed that will monitor the bike stations and compare the live data to that of an ideal model. This will then allow stations with too many and too few bikes to be linked and highlighted to people signed up to the APP.

The APP would then be developed so that people can use it to pay for the bikes, rather than having to queue at a machine - thus solving the first issue.

This in turn, would allow areas outside of the centre of the capital - where people have access to a computer or smartphone with few tourists - to have docks installed without the need for the payment tower, thus increasing the number of places where it can be installed and increasing the number of potential cyclists.

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Thanks to all the organisers and mentors for providing guidance throughout the weekend, especially Ed.

Thanks to Luke for pointing out the critical flaw in our initial idea, though would have preferred it to be Saturday morning rather than the evening...

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