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Brighten up the way

Living in urban centers makes people colder, with hearts of stone. How do these hearts beat stronger again?

Heart Beat led us to reach back the human contact as a way to make our lives better. Even with small acts we can make someone's day better.

This is designed to be applied in buildings and communities where people share some common areas they live and sometimes they don't even know and interact to each other.

The Brighten Up The Way! - or BUTW! - initiative aims to bring neighbors together in a true community in a way that favors and experience exchanges or even service recommendations become natural. By encouraging this kind of contact, the BUTW! also promotes a better and more pleasing way of living together.

The first step is to enhance the bond among neighbors making them feel encouraged to offer and ask for assistance, advice or directions. Usually recommendations from friends and acquaintances have more credibility than anonymous reviews or research on the internet.

The touchpoints of the service might be both physical and digital:
//In the real world it takes advantages of the common areas of coexistence as in entrance halls, party rooms and elevators in condominiums or churches, bars and some service places such as laundries and bakeries nearby.
//In the digital universe touch point occurs through the homepage of BUTW and app for mobile devices.

The participants are free to send messages to their neighbors, request information, ask for help in tasks such as watering plants while they are traveling or offering a ride to a destination in common.

In every interaction, people classify fellows according their commitment in helping others so that other neighbors might feel safer in subscribing and using the scheme as well. Reports are released from time to time in order to reinforce the whole system, increasing the network as time passes.

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Many thanks to all the participants:
Camila Boga
Cassiana Buosi
Fernando Feijó
Gabriel Pontual
Mariana Coelho

All the songs in the videos are copyleft.


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