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This is the archive site of Global Sustainability Jam 2011-2018. From 2019 on please visit

Breathe Strong in...{Hong Kong}

Introduction of an interactive and user-experience event to raise sustainable awareness within the community!

The group "Breathe strong in... {Hong Kong}" is dealing with the crucial air pollution by introducing an interactive, user-centered and sustainable event (The park "awAIRness") touching all the senses of human nature.


The objective is to raise awareness within the community to address, reduce and experience the serious air pollution which impacts the entire well-being of human.


In the context of the city of Hong Kong, the idea is to introduce a car-free Hong Kong, blocking some main roads for pedestrians and runners.

Some initiatives:

- Vendors/Retailers will be selling sustainable products, eg. organic products by providing stalls/booths
- NGOs will be given space to educate the audience
- Introduction of an enclosed area to fill with cleanest air by applying a patented air filter (Swiss technology) - serve as a benchmark of accomplishment
- Implementing of a race track to promote the unique environment and nature of Hong Kong in cooperation with sport-equipment corporations and the HK Tourism Board
- ...

The frequency of this event can be tailored individually due to the location restrictions.

This event should be considered as a template and serve as best practice for further roll-outs.

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