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mission starts on your doorstep

Meet Tim. Tim is a lot like you – he is a guy in his mid 30's, lives in a big city and likes to hang out with his friends. He also likes peppermint candies so much that his tongue is becomming numb with freshness. Tim has a regular job that pays for his bills and travels, alows him to benefit from new technologies, such as a smartphone … but slowly, it has become a routine that takes over a big part of his life.

That bothers Tim, because he is a curious guy who likes excitement and the feeling of involvement. But he feels HE lacks time, energy, opportunities and a sense of community. So after a while, his heart kind of falls asleep …
He goes along with his daily routine, until one day he notices a sticker on a trash bin … next day, he spots it on a tree … and the next day on a lamp post.

When he finds a little piece of paper with the same motif in his jeans pocket that same evening, he thinks »What the f***?!?!« And uses the access code to go online and check it out.

He lands on the Bravehood website. The site tells him he has been chosen for mission to improve his community and invites him to confirm participation.
Upon confirmation, Tim learns what the mission is about - improving the heartbeat of his community by doing one small good deed every week. He also recieves the rules of the game, telling him that his mission is an anonymous mission about small good deeds nurturing the heart of his comunnity and ultimately, the whole planet.

He likes the idea and creates a Bravehood profile in which he lists some of his personal info, as well as location and skills.

And finally, he recieves his first mission – he can either accept it, reject it and instantly get a new one, or even ignore it.

Curious as he is, he decides to accept a challenge which is to take a different route to work than usual, buy 3 muffins on the way and treat 2 people a sweet surprise.

While passing a newly discovered local smoothie shop, he decides to buy smoothies instead of muffins and checks-in to the app to confirm his mission accomplished. Upon his confirmation, he recieves an instant feedback – the app shows how his mission contributed to the hearts of his community and the world, as well as information about his response rate which – since he reacted quickly – is good and gives the heart a quick beat. He also gets an option to invite others to join Bravehood.

Now he goes on a new mission every week. After some time, he knows his community and neighbours better and feels good about it.

Later he finds out that he is not the only one – his friends got involved and are now improving the heartbeat of the community as well – one good deed at a time.

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