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Borough Surfing

A crowdsourcing platform to engage London communities in cultivating local tourism, fostering societal change.

"You don't need to jet around the world when you can discover diversity right at your door-step!'

A co-operative crowdsourcing platform that acts as a catalyst and enhancer of a sense of community, quality of life and cultural engagement in the local borough.This in turn will deliver a network of engaged and self-fulfilled communities of residents across London keen to discover and explore other boroughs.

‘Borough Surfing’ facilitates this network through:

- Borough Surfing Platform (Non-profit)
- Cultural Ambassadors (Borough-level)
- Community Leaders (Support/Volunteers)
- Surfers & Guides (Seeders)

It has been piloted in Pimlico, designed originally for Londoners, but the long term plan is to reach other users such as national and foreign tourists. Ideally used as a framework applicable to other cities in the UK and around the world.

Team photo: 
Credits and attribution: 

Francesco Carollo
Eddie Walker
Katya Lakshtanova
Sonia Neto
Annelise Lepage
Oliver Breuer
Juliana Callia-Long
Marzia Arico'

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