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China's peer-to-peer library

For students who have no use for old books, Shuji is a peer-to-peer book recycling program that encourages the sharing and reuse.
Unlike existing market platforms, our platform encourages users to contribute back to other students while encouraging a culture of sharing.

Value Proposition
We organize the recycling of school materials that students would otherwise leave to waste. We provide users will a wide range of books to borrow from members of their community, while rewarding them for sharing books to others.

Key Partners
Our key partners will be local delivery companies and mail courier services. We may also need to partner with a publishing company to solidify our listings system.

Key Activities
We must establish a website to allow users to post books they have to lend. Additionally, we would like to reduce the friction between the process of sharing and borrowing, by integrating with existing social networks. We will also use social verification to prevent exploitation of Shuji services.

Key Resources
We require a solid innovator group following. By gaining the proper traction, our sites book offering will continue to exponentially grow.

Customer Relationships and Marketing
We will reach our innovator group through college bulletin boards, social media channels, and youth magazines. We will spend no money on marketing through advertising, but seek opportunities to gain traction in existing book clubs and universities.

Our service is primarily based on a website. It will broadcast activity in social media channels, which may help increase adoption.

Revenue streams
Customers without books to lend can purchase credits to borrow books. Special delivery services can also be arranged with courier services for an added value market. Future revenue streams can focus on premium membership features, such as reserving books and personal alerts.

Cost structure
Costs are limited to web hosting and domain registration. Product can be developed and managed in-house. Additional costs would be associated with marketing.

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Huge props to all the group members. Much appreciate for all the early mornings and late night during your weekend.

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