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Balance your life, manage your time, dance with your heartbeats.

On a daily basis, we live a hectic life. We face joys and difficulties, and barely find time to do something for ourselves, to be with our friends and family. We focus more on our work and studies, maintaining a high level of stress, than spending valuable time in our personal life and with our beloved ones. In the long run, this has an impact in our society, because we get caught up in a stress routine that projects negative energy to our closest circles, our family, our work, and our friends, making unhappier and unhealthy people with emotional instability and less productive capacity.

Beats4Life combines an intelligent device with a social musical movement.
The device keeps a log of the heartbeats and time we spend in our daily activities.
It will help you manage the time you spend with yourself, your family, your friends, your social events and at work.

Each activity you do has an impact in your heartbeat registration, and at the end of the day, your heartbeats will create music to the rhythms you choose. You can listen to your own music, to feel better if you're having a bad day, or to remember the good times you've had.

The device will send you a report on a weekly basis, that will help you evaluate how much time you are spending on each area of your life.

This will help you manage your time so you can live a balanced life, by improving your social relationships, being more productive at work and become a happier person in general.

This project is sustainable because it creates a sense of community, by making people share time and attend events and activities based on their heartbeats and music interests. You can become a member by registering in our web page.

For the future, the information gathered from our users' heartbeats can be used to generate statistics and analyze the behavior and stress level of certain activity, area or city.

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Backround of presentation and webpage: shutterstock.
Guatemalan Team: David Escobar, Tracy Gordon, Lisa Quan, Maria Jose Saenz

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