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Active Cycle

Clean Clothes and Healthy Body - All In One!

Word on the street- a 2 in 1 solution- exercise while washing your clothes! Need a reason to exercise??? here's many....a sustainable-ecofriendly, time saving, cost efficient method.

Our product consists of an outer drum (probably made of whisky barrel/beer keg-recyclable material), an inner perforated drum where clothes are put in, a shaft connected to this inner drum which is operated through gears which is connected to a bicycle with the help of belts. A solar panel could use sun's energy to provide warm water and feed it in drum.

While working out, we tap the energy spent by the people in a gym to produce useful work. The rotational movements of equipments say on a bike, is used to transfer power with help of gears and chains to our washing drum. Spin classes at the gym could help get your clothes washed at the right speed and the right time.

Clothes along with detergent and water is added in the washing drum. On adjusting the gear ratio, we get the desired rpm in the washing drums. And on every work out- you become FIT & HEALTHY, Clothes are washed, you are saving electricity & helping the environment. A WIN-WIN-WIN scenario!

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