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2nd Garden

Application which enables you to build your own virtual garden and get real vegetables on your door step.

Lets imagine Nina – she works all day long – she is 30 and she eats really bed.

She needs a solution.

And there we are with our Second Garden.

What is 2nd Garden?
Imagine you download an application on your smart phone and there it is – your virtual garden.

First step you need to do, is to choose your farmer who’s going to maintain your virtual garden to become real and bring you fresh vegetables on your front door.

So how it works?
You get your piece of land and you start growing your vegetables. Application works as your mentor also.

You get some seeds for free as a motivation at the beginning, but if you want to expand your garden you will need to pay.

You need to wait for your vegetables to grow and then you are able to order it.

There are bonuses available for taking care of your virtual garden (watering, picking vegetables). You can even talk and sing to your garden – they say it helps. ☺

Every day commitment brings you more bonus and you can exchange bonuses for real physical vegetables which are delivered to your door step.

Of course you can pick it up on your own as well, and visit your farmer and get some extras.

So, what is the result: Nina feels good, she gets her first own garden, she is able to order vegetables and her heart beats one with the nature.

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