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1 More ((Beat))

A Service to Give Any Product A Longer Life and a Better End By Giving Sustainability Awareness to Its Users.

All products have a life time and after it is over their fates can impact environment , society and economy greatly. What if the normal life time of any given product is extended only a day? What if its heart beats one ore beat? Multiply it to the number of existing products and you saved millions of dollars. Fewer materials used, fewer products produced, fewer products bought.
1 More Beat is a service provided by a group of sustainability specialists and designers for different products. When a company requests the service for a specific product, the 1 More Beat Group will start analyzing the sustainability aspects of the product. Ideas are generated for making the life cycle of the product last longer by giving awareness to the user on how to use the product better, How to repair it, if there are any reuse strategies possible ,how users can use the product in other ways, And finally how to recycle the products. These are all made into a user-friendly catalogue which will be included in the product’s packaging. 1 More Beat has a 3 level sustainability rating system called Beats which is the overall score of the analysis of the group. Then this Beats rating is printed on the packaging of the product. This will help users identify the more sustainable products when buying. The Beats rating system also has a QR code to redirect users to more detailed information about the product in 1 More Beat’s website. More Reuse, Repair and Recycle Guides can be found on the website. 1 More Beat tries to make existing products more sustainable by giving users awareness and hopefully changing people’s behavior towards a more sustainable way of using products and by all that adding one small beat to the heart of nature.

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Bravo to the team for this nice experience. And thanks.

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